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    Business Water Rates are a specialist water procurement service for business`s across the UK and are also a member of Trust green Group of Companies. The Trust Green Group have helped over 100,000 UK business`s save money on their utilities over the last 10 years by going direct to the cheapest suppliers.

    Just like within the Energy industry if you use a Water broker or Consultant you will have to pay a premium for an introduction to the cheapest provider. At Business Water Rates we automate the process online for business water comparison to save you money whilst also giving you access to the suppliers lowest prices which are only normally available by going directly to suppliers and not through a broker or a consultant.

    We will only ever pass your contact details through to the cheapest 2-3 providers for a direct quotation; this avoids the endless sales calls with lots of different suppliers to find the best water rates for your business and change business water supplier.

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    Switch Water supplier to find the lowest rates 

    Why spend your valuable time searching for a supplier when we can do it for you. We will provide your details to some of the most competitive suppliers, whom will contact you with a business water quote.

    New Connections 

    If your connecting to a new business premises we can help. Request for a quote and we will have a specialist contact you today.

    Multi Site Billing
    1 bill for all your sites across the UK 

    No matter if you have a single business premises or a number of businesses across the UK, we could provide a quotation for all sites & have them under one bill.

    Water Audits & Efficiency 

    Having knowledge & overview of your business efficiency can help save thousands on your water charges.

    Smart meters
    Accurate Billing 

    The benefits of having a water meter allows customer to measure their water consumption and can make a big step towards saving money

    Sewerage & Drainage Surveys 

    We can help if you’re experiencing any problems with drainage i.e. blockage, pipe defects, subsidence etc.

    Trade Effluent Surveys 

    It’s easier and quicker to pay your bill online, submit a meter reading and allows you instant access to all your bills . And if you have more than one account, you can manage them under one account.

    Historical Billing Audits 

    Having previous billing information at your fingertips allows you to manage & measure your usage history. Helping you control and possibly reduce your bills.

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    Why Customers Use Our Services

    • Start saving money today, simply fill out the quote form and we will pass your details onto some of the most competitive suppliers to contact you with a competitive quote for your business

    • We get the most competitive suppliers to contact you directly, why spend your valuable time searching for a competitive price

    • Use our online quote and find out exactly how much you could save

      John Smith – Managing Director
    • You could make huge savings depending on which water and waste services your business uses

      John Smith – Managing Director

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    If you have a meter you will pay for your water through a standing charge
    (which depends on the size of your meter) and a volumetric rate. For smaller non-households, the volumetric rate is the same as that for households.

    If you do not have a water meter you will be charged in the same way as
    unmetered household customers. Your bill is not based on how much water you use but is usually made up of a fixed charge (the ‘standing charge’) and a charge related to the rateable value of your property. The fixed charge covers things like billing and customer service costs.

    Sewerage services have four main activities, which are for collecting and treating:

    • foul sewage
    • surface water drainage
    • highway drainage
    • trade effluent

    Charges for foul sewage and trade effluent are based on the amount (and strength for trade effluent) discharged. Companies currently have different approaches to charging for surface water drainage and highway drainage.

    If you can demonstrate that you do not receive any of these services apart from highway drainage you should be entitled to a reduction in charges.

    Charges for customers who use less than 50 Ml (250 Ml in Wales) are subject to price limits, which we set.
    Charges for customers who use more than 50 Ml water (250 Ml in Wales) are not subject to price limits. However, the difference between charges for large users and households must be neither unduly preferential nor discriminatory to large-users.

    Customers in eligible premises can choose to purchase water from either their existing water supplier, or from one of a number of water supply licensees. Find out more about arrangements for competition.

    Water and sewerage charges change every year. So, your bill will change from one year to the next. The level of your bill and how much it changes from year to year depends on which company supplies your water and sewerage services. Each company faces different challenges in delivering services to consumers. This means that costs and charges will vary from company to company but we check that charges are fair and are within the price limits we set.You can find about about average bills since privatisation.For specific details of your charges, you should contact your water company.You can also find out:

    If you use more than a specified amount of water, you may be able to opt for a large or intermediate tariff, instead of paying the standard charges. These tariffs generally consist of a:

    • standing charge
    • a volumetric rate

    Some of these tariffs have an additional fixed charge and a lower volumetric rate for water used. Some have a lower volumetric rate for all consumption above a certain threshold, with no additional fixed charge. These tariff structures minimise the incentives for you to use more water just to qualify for the tariff.

    If you use more than 50 Ml of water (250 Ml in Wales) your charges are not subject to price limits. However, under arrangements for competition, you can purchase water from either your existing water supplier, or from water supply licensees (as long as your premises are eligible).

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